Johnson Floral and Decor - what color flower should I get?

Choosing the Right Flower Color

Giving someone flowers is a special gesture. When it comes to flowers, you want them to be perfect whether they’re for that special someone or for a celebratory occasion. If this task isn’t already daunting enough, there are so many flower colors and types to choose from. It’s important to know the many hidden messages […]

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Memorial Day Flowers Boise

Selecting Memorial Day Flowers

By: Karli Willden Remembering the Fallen Veterans of the armed forces have made significant contributions to the liberties and freedoms in America. Memorial Day is honored each year to honor those fallen while protecting our freedom. Started during the Civil War by southern women, the country adopted this tradition to honor all who  fought in […]

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Graduation Flowers Boise

Pre-Ordering Graduation Flowers

Passing on from junior high to high school, high school to college, and college to your future employment signifies a major life event. Special academic ceremonies, called graduations, take place at the completion of these major academic milestones. During these graduations, families and friends gather from all over to support the newest graduate in their most recent achievement. Graduations come with a variety of different traditions, many of which differ from family to family, or even school to school. One traditional part of most graduations, however, is the giving of graduation flowers.

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Easter Flowers Boise

Springtime Holidays To Celebrate

As the seasons changes from winter to spring, the snow melts away, the flowers begin to bloom, and the weather begins to get nice again. Nowhere else is spring more widely anticipated than in Idaho, where the winters can be long, harsh, and frozen. Spring officially began on March 20th and will end on June 21. During the months of spring, there are quite a few holidays which are celebrated by millions across the United States every year. Below are a few holidays coming up this spring you may want to start thinking about.

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Boise florist

Boise Valentine’s Day Gifts & Specials!

Here’s a newsflash for you! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! Have you started thinking about how you want to make the day special? If not, you still have some time. Johnson Floral & Decor can help you find the perfect gifts at our flower shop!

Whether you are looking for something small and meaningful, or looking to make the day unforgettable, we can help you out! Below are some ideas on how you can make this Valentine’s Day a special one for those you care about.

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Boise Funeral Flowers

Buying Flowers For A Funeral

The death of a loved one may be planned or unexpected, but either way is difficult for the whole family. While dealing with the passing of a loved one, funeral planning need not be an extra burden. Below is a guide with tips and advice about how you go about buying funeral flowers. Johnsons Floral & Decor would love to partner with you in providing funeral flowers in Boise.

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Boise Wedding Flowers

Your Guide to Wedding Flowers in Boise

Wedding flowers have been incorporated into wedding celebrations for centuries. Used for decorative and symbolic purposes, flowers have a language of its own, which have often been used for individual expression. Flowers have the ability to cultivate the perfect wedding atmosphere, which any bride or groom would dream of creating.

If stunning and enchanting are words you want others to describe your wedding as, then don’t skimp on the wedding flowers! Here is your guide to buying wedding flowers in Boise from your local florist!

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Boise Mother's Day Florist

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Boise

Once a year there is a day to give special recognition and appreciation to mothers everywhere. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but it is no easy task. Make sure you take the time to appreciate the many ‘mothers’ in your life. Whether you were raised by your own biological mother or a mother figure who treated you as her own, a little appreciation can go a long ways. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind as you begin planning and making preparations.

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