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Choosing the Right Flower Color

Giving someone flowers is a special gesture. When it comes to flowers, you want them to be perfect whether they’re for that special someone or for a celebratory occasion. If this task isn’t already daunting enough, there are so many flower colors and types to choose from.

It’s important to know the many hidden messages and symbols behind flowers, as you shouldn’t give your girlfriend the same flowers you’d bring someone grieving the loss of a loved one.

Symbolism in Flowers


Across the ages, many cultures placed heavy importance on the symbolism of flowers. As early as ancient times, flower species were associated with specific gods and presented to them as gifts and sacrifices. It wasn’t until Victorian times that flower color was important as well. In that time, flowers were popular in sending secret messages, especially romantic messages to someone you secretly admired. The color shade of the flowers symbolized the intensity of the message or emotion the flower stood for.

In modern times, flower color is usually more important than the secret messages symbolized in flower types. Many modern flowers are even genetically modified or dyed to a specific color, so you’ll be able to get the perfect flower color! Follow these guidelines for the perfect color choice:

Anniversary and Romance

  • Red – Red is a vibrant, stimulating color is commonly known to represent strong feelings of love, passion, and emotion. A bouquet of red roses, the flower of love, is a a classic romantic arrangement.
  • Pink – Pink flowers are also a classic representation of love and sensitivity. It is a feminine color, commonly presented to women. Its soft color represents the tenderness of one’s love.


Thank You

Flowers to get to say thank you, Johnson Floral and Decor in Boise

  • Dark Pink – Specifically dark pink flowers are the traditional color of choice to say “thank you.” Dark pink flowers symbolize gratitude, appreciation, and recognition.
  • Yellow – Yellow is bright, uplifting, and friendly and when gifted yellow floral arrangements, your loved one’s day instantly brightens up as a return for their kind act.



  • Blue – With funeral flowers, it is wise to select colors that are calming and sensitive, as this is a sensitive and difficult time. Those grieving need extra feelings of calm, serenity, and peace – all emotions represented by the color blue.
  • Purple – Purple is a sensitive and compassionate flower color, as it also has a calming effect. Purple inspires reflection and spirituality, fitting as people often reflect on their own life, the life of the deceased, and spiritual beliefs at memorial services.
  • White – White stands for goodness and light. It triggers positive emotions and used to cheer up the grieving. White also represents sacred things, heaven, and resurrection, giving religious grievers a reminder of hope.


New Baby

The perfect flowers to get for the arrival of a new baby. Johnson Floral in Boise

  • Green – Green is a great color to celebrate the birth of a new baby as it symbolizes life and renewal. Green flowers are also a way of wishing the baby healthy and happiness, as green flowers also stand for growth and health.
  • Blue – Depending on the gender of the new baby, floral arrangements are given in pink or blue to reflect the newborn’s gender. Blue is the standard color of masculinity, suitable to gift to the family of a newborn boy.
  • Pink – Pink floral arrangements celebrate the arrival of a newborn girl as pink represents femininity and is the traditional color for girls. The pink flowers also symbolizes love, tenderness, and nurturing, making pink an appropriate bouquet color for new mothers.


Birthday and Graduation

Many varieties of color are appropriate for Graduation flowers and gifts. Select floral arrangements in the graduate’s school colors or their favorite color to celebrate their big day. Graduation is a celebration, so bright flower colors are a great way to represent the happy occasion.

  • Red – Red stimulates emotion and symbolizes love, courage, and excitement. It’s the perfect color as graduates often feel excited and courageous in their achievements. You can also wish them good luck in their future, as red is a lucky color in Chinese tradition.
  • Orange – Orange represents encouragement, excitement, and happiness – all emotions felt on big days such as birthdays and graduation.
  • Yellow – Yellow represents energy and success – both qualities thought of on graduation day, as graduates work hard and persevere to achieve their academic success.


Get Well

What color flower for get well flowers at Johnson Floral and Decor in Boise

  • Orange – Orange flowers instantly brighten up everyone’s day. Orange is a bright color that represents enthusiasm, happiness, and encouragement.
  • Pink – Pink symbolizes sensitivity and nurturing. Present pink flowers to the women in your life who need extra encouragement in their healing and recovery.
  • Green – Wish good health to your sick loved one with green flowers, as they symbolize growth and health. They’ll feel the extra boost they need to get better.


Mother’s Day

Perfect flowers to get to say "get well soon"

  • Pink – Pink symbolizes both love and femininity. Let your mother know how much you love her and honor her title of mother with pink flowers.
  • Purple – Purple inspires reflection, fitting for a holiday that causes a lot of reflection on the effect our mothers have on our lives. Purple also represents sensitivity and compassion, qualities found in all of our mothers.
  • White – Remind your mother of the positive, good influence she is with white flowers as they evoke positive feelings and symbolize light and goodness.

Get your perfect colored floral arrangement at Johnson Floral & Decor as they have floral arrangements and gift baskets for all special occasions and holidays. Call (208) 342-5687 today to place your special order with our Boise florist.

Memorial Day Flowers Boise

Selecting Memorial Day Flowers

By: Karli Willden

Remembering the Fallen

Veterans of the armed forces have made significant contributions to the liberties and freedoms in America. Memorial Day is honored each year to honor those fallen while protecting our freedom. Started during the Civil War by southern women, the country adopted this tradition to honor all who  fought in any American war. Previously known as “Decoration Day,” it is still practiced today, often by decorating the graves of fallen soldiers.

In decorating the graves of the fallen, we recognize their individual sacrifices and show sympathy to the families of the fallen. The living also receive flowers to show appreciation for their contributions to this great nation.

Choosing Memorial Day Flowers

If you are planning on ordering flowers to place on the graves of the fallen, you may be wondering which flowers arrangements to get. While there is no declared Memorial Day flower, old poems written about the battlefields in Belgium do mention red poppies. These poppies grew in between graves of the fallen soldiers, and soon became associated with the holiday, as they symbolized the blood shed for freedom.

When buying flowers for Memorial Day graves, however, you can choose from a wide variety of patriotic flower arrangements available. Flowers that come in red, white, or blue tend to be crowd favorites, as they commemorate the patriotism of the day. You can also get flowers arrangements in custom shapes, or with custom memorabilia. For example, if requested, we can create the arrangement in the shape of a heart, a cross, or a flag. For your Memorial Day flower arrangements, here are flowers that are in season this time of year.

Flowers in Season

  • Iris
  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Hydrangeas
  • Gladiolus
  • Statice
  • Carnations
  • Lilies
  • Forget-Me-Nots
  • Daisies

Pre-Order Your Memorial Day Flowers

If you plan on visiting cemeteries and placing flowers on graves of the fallen, preorder Memorial Day flowers early. This is a busy season for florists, so place your order in advance. If someone else is picking up your order, them up, be sure they know the store hours of the florist. It would be frustrating for them drive to our store location, only to arrive at the florist after store hours.

During the week our Boise florist is open Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm, but on Saturdays we are open 9am-12pm. Our florist will be closed on Memorial Day. Call (208) 342-5687 in advance if you have any questions about our holiday hours or any other day not mentioned. Our Boise florist offers delivery options available for a small fee, if you live within our designated areas.

Graduation Flowers Boise

Pre-Ordering Graduation Flowers

By: Karli Willden

Moving from junior high, high school, or college are major life events. A special ceremony, called graduation, takes place at the end of these major academic milestones. During these events, families and friends gather to support the grad in their recent achievement. Graduation comes with a variety of traditions, though they differ between families, or even schools. One tradition of most graduations is giving graduation flowers.

Flowers for Graduates

Graduation Flowers BoiseGiving Graduation flowers is an old tradition of these events. Parents, friends, and other family members often give gifts and flowers in an effort to show both their pride and respect for the student’s efforts. After all, junior high, high school or college graduations only happen once, and deserve to be celebrated after many years of hard work and sacrifice for their education. Flowers are typically given to the graduates after the ceremony, but some flowers such as leis, may be given before the ceremony to wear during commencement.

Flowers for Teachers, Mentors

Boise FloristWhile graduations typically revolve around the graduate, it is important to keep in mind those who helped them get to this point. Teachers, coaches, academic advisors, and mentors spent countless hours with students, teaching and assisting them in their education. Giving gifts to show appreciation to teachers and mentors is something they will always cherish and also makes their jobs worthwhile. Flowers, plants, or gift baskets are great way to express your appreciation for all their time and influence. These can be specially delivered to these individuals by our floral shop, or you can pick up the order and deliver it in person on graduation day, or the days prior to gradation.

Types of Graduation Flowers

  • Wrapped Flower Arrangements
  • Hawaiian Leis (Flower Necklace)
  • Flowers For Graduation Party

Wrapped flower arrangements tend to be a crowd favorite when it comes to buying graduation flowers in Boise. Hawaiian leis are a popular choice for men or women, and can be ordered through Johnson Floral & Decor if given advance notice. Both of these options work great on the graduation day, as well as other options available on our website. If you are planning on throwing a graduation party, and are looking for some awesome centerpieces for the food tables, Johnson Floral & Decor offers a wide selection for this need as well.

Place Your Orders Early

Boise FlowersThe early spring and summer months of May, June, and July are busy months for flower shops. Not only are flower shops busy with graduation season, but wedding season is also in full swing. Prevent extra stress by placing graduation flowers orders early. Placing your order early also gives our shop time to order any flowers that we can’t get locally, such as those needed to make leis. You can place your order online today by visiting our site shop.

Flower Pickup or Delivery

If you can’t attend the event but still want send a gift to the graduate, we offer delivery. Johnson Floral & Decor delivers locally for orders over $30. Cities like Boise, Garden City, Meridian, and Eagle have a delivery charge of $8.75. Kuna, Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, and Star will have a delivery charge of $12.75. If you place your order with Johnson Floral & Decor, you can also pick it up at our Boise flower shop for free. If you have any questions about delivery in Boise, feel free to give us a call at (208) 342-5687.

***Local Delivery is Available for Orders Over $30.00 for the Following Fees***

  • Boise, Garden City, Meridian, Eagle – $8.75
  • Kuna, Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, Star – $12.75
Easter Flowers Boise

Springtime Holidays To Celebrate

By: Karli Willden

As the seasons changes from winter to spring, the snow melts away, the flowers begin to bloom, and the weather begins to get nice again. Nowhere else is spring more widely anticipated than in Idaho, as the winters can be long, harsh, and frozen. Spring officially began on March 20th and will end on June 21. During the months of spring, there are quite a few holidays which are celebrated by millions across the United States every year. Below are a few holidays coming up this spring you may want to start thinking about.
Easter Lillies


While bunnies, chicks, and chocolate come to mind when thinking of Easter, this holiday is full of deeper meaning and significance, especially in Christianity. It is a time to reflect on the Resurrection, rebirth, newness, hope, and purity. Johnson Floral & Decor has a few great Easter gift ideas perfect for the whole family to commemorate this holiday.

Boise Flowers

Earth Day

Once a year, Earth Day comes along and reminds us all of what a beautiful place we live and the importance of taking care of Mother Earth. A great way to remember and appreciate the beauties of the Earth is by gifting flowers or plants to friends and family on Earth day.

Boise Flowers

National Teacher’s Day

Selfless teachers across the country take on the great task of educating the rising generation, but too often these teachers are under appreciated. Taking the time to show your appreciation to the teachers in your children’s life will mean a lot to them, and can be simple in nature. Johnson Floral & Decor has a few ideas to help get you started.

Mother's Day Flowers Boise

Mother’s Day

One holiday this spring you’d better not forget is Mother’s Day! Mothers make enormous contributions by taking care of the needs of their family day in and day out. Take the time and appreciate the mothers in your life, whether they are blood related or not!


Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day/Flag Day

We are indebted to our veterans who have fought for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy on a daily basis. This Memorial Day or Flag Day, take the time to decorate veteran headstones at your local cemetery. Johnson Floral & Decor has several patriotic bouquets available, as well as custom arrangements upon request.

Mother's Day Flowers Boise

Father’s Day

Show appreciation and respect for the father figures in your life on Father’s Day! Your dad might not love all the attention, but simply remembering the day is important. If you are looking for a few gift ideas, snack baskets are always a hit, especially for those dad with a never-ending appetite!


As you can see, there is much to look forward to and celebrate this spring! But if you aren’t sure how make these upcoming holidays special, give our Boise florist a call! Johnson Floral & Decor can be reached at (208) 342-5687.

Boise florist

Boise Valentine’s Day Gifts & Specials!

By: Karli Willden

Here’s a newsflash for you! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away! Have you started thinking about how you want to make the day special? If not, you still have some time. Johnson Floral & Decor can help you find the perfect gifts at our flower shop!

Whether you are looking for something small and meaningful, or looking to make the day unforgettable, we can help you out! Below are some ideas on how you can make this Valentine’s Day a special one for those you care about.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Card: Simple, but super meaningful, a Valentine’s Day card is always a good idea. It shows you took the time to remember and appreciate the ones you love. These types of gestures are always touching to a spouse, parent, child, or grandparent. If you aren’t one for words, a Valentine’s Day card is perfect to capture exactly how you feel!

Gifts in BoiseFine Chocolates, Candies & Snacks: Everyone loves receiving specialty chocolates and sweets, especially on Valentine’s Day. It’s not only savory and delicious, but it’s something you can enjoy throughout the week. Johnson Floral & Decor offers a wide selection of chocolates, Weiser Classic Candy, and snack baskets, which are perfect for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.



Boise Gifts and BalloonsValentine’s Balloons: Valentine’s Day is about finding ways to celebrate the people in your life and strengthening your relationships. A fun way to surprise your lover on Valentine’s Day is with some Valentine’s balloons. These are fun to decorate their office, home or car with to make the day a little more special. Balloons are always a welcome surprise.



Stuffed Animal: Want to know what has Valentine’s Day written all over it? Cute, stuffed animals! It may be a little old school, and cheesy, but honestly who doesn’t love it? These gifts are also great for younger children as well.




Valentine’s Day Flowers: No matter how old or new your relationship is, flowers are a great way to fan the flames and keep your relationship going strong. With a language of their own, flowers say what words cannot. As the most traditional and well-loved of all Valentine’s Day gifts, you can make the day special by ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day. (Store favorites: roses, lilies or carnations)



Make the Day Count

Valentine’s Day comes around once a year, so why not make it a special day? You don’t have to be the romantic type to like the holiday and make the day memorable. Have fun with the holiday, let your creative juices flow, and take the time to be thoughtful and make someone else feel loved. A lot of little things can help make a relationship flourish. Be sure to check out some of our Valentine’s Day specials below!

If you need some more ideas, do not hesitate to stop by our Boise store and see what else our shop can offer. If you can’t seem to find the perfect bouquet or arrangement on our website or in our shop, keep in mind our Boise florist does custom orders! We can have your Valentine’s Day order ready to pick up or deliver when you need it! Start planning for Valentine’s Day today, and be sure to make it a great one! Call us at (208) 342-5687 today!

Valentine’s Day Specials in Boise

One Dozen Roses with 1/4 lb. Box of Weiser Classic Candy . . . $100.00   Includes delivery & tax

Mixed Floral Arrangement with 1/4 lb. Box of Weiser Classic Candy . . . $100.00   Includes delivery & tax

Mixed Arrangement with 1/2 lb. Box of Weiser Classic Candy . . . $80.00   Includes delivery & tax

Idaho Grilling Gift Basket for Your Outdoor Cook . . . $100.00    Filled with Idaho Produced Specialty Foods – Includes delivery & tax

Super Bowl Goody Basket for Your Super Man . . . $85.00    Includes delivery & tax


Boise Funeral Flowers

Buying Flowers For A Funeral

By: Karli Willden

The death of a loved one may be planned or unexpected, but either way is difficult for the whole family. While dealing with the passing of a loved one, funeral planning need not be an extra burden. Below is a guide with tips and advice about how you go about buying funeral flowers. Johnsons Floral & Decor would love to partner with you in providing funeral flowers in Boise.

  • Option For Crowdfunding To Pay For Funeral Costs/Flowers
  • Different Types of Funeral Flowers
  • Custom Funeral Flower Designs
  • Flowers Appropriate For Various Faiths
  • Best Uses For Flowers After The Funeral
  • Funeral Flower Delivery Options

Set Up A Crowdfunding Campaign

Boise Funeral Flowers

Online crowdfunding is a great opportunity for friends and family to contribute to the funeral costs. Funerals can be quite costly, and can be difficult to pay for when finances are already tight. The last thing you want to do is to go cheap or feel financially exhausted. If you have not yet considered crowdfunding, you and your family may want to consider this option.

A crowdfunding campaign will make it easier for you to raise the funds necessary for the funeral, and allow close friends and extended family to contribute in a meaningful way. Knowing how you will pay for funeral expenses, including funeral flowers, will be one less thing to you will need to stress about. Here are various website you can set up a crowdfunding campaign on:

  • YouCaring
  • GoFundMe
  • Indiegogo
  • (And More)

Keep in mind crowdfunding is nothing to be ashamed of. It helps to ease your family’s burden, as well as provide close family and friends an opportunity to show their love and support. If you do not feel comfortable asking for money donations for the funeral, it is perfectly fine to request funeral flower donations instead.

If your loved one is a military veteran, keep in mind they may be eligible for governmental benefits or a small funeral allowance. It just depends on whether your loved one was killed while in the service, or if the death was non-service related. For further questions about these benefits or burial allowances, please refer to

Flowers Traditions For Different Faiths

Boise Funeral FlowersWhen ordering funeral flowers for a friend or loved one, keep in mind funeral customs differ among various religions, or even nationalities. Most religious funerals will incorporate flowers into the funeral, however, some religions, such as Judaism, generally do not incorporate flowers into the ceremony.

Other Christian religions, such as those of the LDS faith, prefer to avoid the Cross on funeral arrangements. Those of the LDS faith prefer to focus on the resurrection of Christ, instead of his death. Before ordering flowers, be sure to double check the religious customs of the family before placing your order.

Types of Funeral Flowers

  • Casket flowers
  • Standing sprays on easel
  • Funeral bouquets
  • Custom arrangements

Johnson Floral & Decor offers a wide variety of unique flower arrangements for funerals or cemetery gravesites. View our selection of funeral flowers on our website here, and place your order today!

Custom Funeral Flowers & Personal Memorabilia

If you already have something specific in mind for the flower arrangements, let our florist assist in the creation process. We specialize in custom funeral flowers in Boise. Just send us a photo of an arrangement you like, let us know what flowers or color schemes you prefer, and we’ll coordinate the rest! We can even create custom floral pieces unique to your loved one, with personal memorabilia incorporated into the arrangement.

As one of the oldest florists in Boise, Johnson Floral & Decor offers some of the most innovative and customized flower arrangements in the area. We deliver funeral flower arrangements that are both beautiful and meaningful to the individual’s life.

Whether it be standing spray in the shape of a heart or a cross, a patriotic flower arrangement for your veteran, a standing spray with personal memorabilia, or an elegant arrangement designed with your loved one’s favorite flower, our Boise florist can do it all.

Flowers and plants have a special healing effect on an individual, and we want to add our special touch in each design. Contact our florist today to help with the special design of your family’s custom funeral flowers!

Flower Delivery Options

At the funeral you will want everything to go smoothly and go according to plan. Having a reliable florist in Boise will do the trick. Nothing is more stressful than having a florist show up late, have an important order missing, or accidentally have sent the flowers to the wrong location. Johnson Floral & Decor wants this day to be perfect for you.

Order through our Boise florist, and count on us to get your orders right and on time! For a small fee, our florist can deliver directly to your location. If you are buying funeral flowers as a donation to the family, Johnson Floral & Decor can also include your customized sympathy note with the flowers.

Keep or Donate Flowers After the Funeral

Boise Funeral FlowersOnce the funeral services and procession concludes, cleanup begins. With the leftover funeral flower arrangements, you will need to plan ahead what you’d like to do with the remaining flower arrangements. Some prefer to send them home with the family members, while others may opt to repurpose and donate the flowers to a care home or a veterans memorial.

If you are not sure what you’d like to do with the flowers after the funeral, our Boise florist can provide a few recommendations. Just give us a call at (208) 342-5687, and a we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about your order or funeral flowers in general. We wish you our most sincere condolences during this difficult time.

Boise Wedding Flowers

Your Guide to Wedding Flowers in Boise

By: Karli Willden

Decorative & Symbolic Purposes

Wedding flowers have been incorporated into wedding celebrations for centuries. Used for decorative and symbolic purposes, flowers have a language of its own, which have often been used for individual expression. Flowers have the ability to cultivate the perfect wedding atmosphere, which any bride or groom would dream of creating.

If stunning and enchanting are words you want others to describe your wedding as, then don’t skimp on the wedding flowers! Here is your guide to buying wedding flowers in Boise from your local florist!

Wedding Flowers for Dummies

If you have never before planned a wedding, preparing the flower order may seem daunting. Buying flowers for a wedding doesn’t need to be overly complicated though. It only requires knowing what your budget is, estimating how many flower arrangements and bouquets you will need, and knowing what kind of flowers and colors you want for the wedding. If you are aren’t sure about what flowers you will need for the upcoming wedding, below is a simple checklist you can follow to be sure you don’t miss a thing!

  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Boutonnieres
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • Centerpieces/Decorations
  • Flower Girl Petals

Bridal Flower Arrangement

Boise Wedding Flowers

A bride without flowers is like a wedding without a cake. The bride’s flower bouquet will be one of the most iconic pieces of the wedding; everyone will be checking it out. You will want to make sure the florist gets it perfect and on time. Nothing is worse than a florist who can’t deliver on time, or get your order right, especially for a wedding!

Johnson Floral and Decor has a large selection of bridal bouquets, with many different types of flowers, colors, and fillers. Brides also have the option to customize their wedding bridal bouquets, so the florist can make it exactly how they want. If you are looking for a few ideas for what your bridal bouquet could look like, start here!

Bridesmaid Flowers

Wedding Flowers Boise

It has long been a tradition for the bridesmaids to carry a small bouquet of flowers on the wedding day. Bridesmaid flowers not only look great for pictures, but are a nice way for you to thank them for their friendship and all their help with the wedding. Johnson Floral & Decor offers a variety of bridesmaid flowers, ranging from elaborate to simple. If you have a lot of bridesmaids, you may want to keep the bridesmaid flowers simple to keep costs down. If you only have a few bridesmaids, then you can spend a little more on the bridesmaid flowers.

With weddings, it is up to you to decide where you want to splurge on flowers. Maybe instead of spending more on bridesmaid flowers, you may want to spend more on the centerpieces or the bridal bouquet; it just depends on your personal preference. If you are looking for some ideas for bridesmaid flowers, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for bridesmaid flowers.

Groom & Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Boise Wedding Flowers


While a lot of emphasis is placed on the bride and her bridesmaids during the wedding, it’s important to share the love with the groom and the groomsmen. After all, the wedding is a celebration of the couple together with their friends and family. With normal wedding tradition, the groom and groomsmen are typically provided with boutonnieres.

Each of these boutonnieres are pinned on their suit coats for the wedding, and are to be worn through the duration of the wedding. If you would like to customize your boutonnieres for the grooms and groomsmen, our Boise florist can assist you with any of your requests.

Flower Girls

Wedding Flowers Boise

What is a wedding without a flower girl? Symbolizing the journey of the bride from childhood to womanhood, nothing is cuter than a little flower girl walking in front of the bride with a basket of flower petals.

If you haven’t decided whether you have one or many flower girls, you likely still have time to decide. Just give our florist in Boise a call early to put your order in for the flowers.

Centerpieces & Flower Decor

Boise Wedding FlowersLast, but not least, don’t forget the centerpieces for your guest tables at the wedding. Wedding details such as these, will help you accomplish the overall look and feel you want at your wedding. At our Boise florist we offer large or small centerpieces, which are tailored to the needs of our clients.

If you are interested in a completely original, centerpiece design, contact our Boise florist company. Let us design the perfect centerpieces for your guest tables!

Tips on Placing Your Order

  • Place your order early
  • Order in-season flowers
  • Coordinate the color scheme and flower types
  • Specify delivery options

Keep in mind different varieties of flowers grow in different seasons, so if you are getting married in the winter, spring, summer, or the fall, your flower selection may vary. Requesting out-of-season flowers for your arrangements and bouquets may be more costly, so don’t be surprised. Choose flowers in season when possible, and be sure to budget accordingly for flowers at your wedding. Lastly, don’t forget to specify the delivery options for your wedding flowers. If you need any help or assistance placing your order online, feel free to give us a call today at (208) 342-5687.

Boise Mother's Day Florist

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Boise

By: Karli Willden

Once a year there is a day to give special recognition and appreciation to mothers everywhere. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but it is no easy task. Make sure you take the time to appreciate the many ‘mothers’ in your life. Whether you were raised by your own biological mother or a mother figure who treated you as her own, a little appreciation can go a long ways. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind as you begin planning and making preparations.

What Mothers Really Want

When it comes to Mother’s Day, some people get anxiety over getting the perfect gift in time to make the day special for the women in their lives. While this may be a common scenario, Mother’s Day does not need to be a stress, especially when you have local flower and gift shops in Boise to help you out. Plus, keep in mind mothers really just want to know you love and appreciate them. Don’t worry if your gift is small or predictable, it’s the thought that counts. Remembering Mother’s Day and trying to make it special will mean the world to your wife or mother.

Make the Time to Celebrate

Nothing is more disappointing to a mother on Mother’s Day than to not be recognized by her family. Motherhood requires a lot of unpaid, unnoticed hard work, which is rewarding, but requires the best years of her life. If you have events which do not make it possible to celebrate Mother’s Day on the day, then let your wife or mother know in advance and make other arrangements. That way, on Mother’s Day she isn’t left to feel unappreciated or forgotten.

Even More of a Reason

While Mother’s Day is a day many look forward to, it can also be a difficult reminder for many women. Mother’s Day should be a day of thoughtfulness and appreciation. On Mother’s Day, women’s thoughts may be turned towards their infertility, their miscarriages, their troubled children, their inadequacies, or their own mothers or children who have passed on before their time. What better reason than these to go out of your way to send your love and appreciation to these women in your life, regardless if they are young or old, or if they have children or no children. (See thoughtful ideas below.)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Boise

  • Floral Arrangements
  • Gift Baskets (Fruits/Chocolates & More)
  • Dish-Gardens-Plants
  • Home Decor
  • Balloons
  • Teddy Bears

If you are struggling to come up with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift in Boise, Johnson Floral & Decor can help give you a few ideas. Stop by our flower shop in Boise and get a few ideas first hand! Make this Mother’s Day special for those special women in your life! Johnson Floral & Decor offers great gift items and convenient local delivery options, so buy your Mother’s Day gifts here! Call us at (208) 342-5687 today to place your order.