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Buying Flowers For A Funeral

By: Karli Willden

The death of a loved one may be planned or unexpected, but either way is difficult for the whole family. While dealing with the passing of a loved one, funeral planning need not be an extra burden. Below is a guide with tips and advice about how you go about buying funeral flowers. Johnsons Floral & Decor would love to partner with you in providing funeral flowers in Boise.

  • Option For Crowdfunding To Pay For Funeral Costs/Flowers
  • Different Types of Funeral Flowers
  • Custom Funeral Flower Designs
  • Flowers Appropriate For Various Faiths
  • Best Uses For Flowers After The Funeral
  • Funeral Flower Delivery Options

Set Up A Crowdfunding Campaign

Boise Funeral Flowers

Online crowdfunding is a great opportunity for friends and family to contribute to the funeral costs. Funerals can be quite costly, and can be difficult to pay for when finances are already tight. The last thing you want to do is to go cheap or feel financially exhausted. If you have not yet considered crowdfunding, you and your family may want to consider this option.

A crowdfunding campaign will make it easier for you to raise the funds necessary for the funeral, and allow close friends and extended family to contribute in a meaningful way. Knowing how you will pay for funeral expenses, including funeral flowers, will be one less thing to you will need to stress about. Here are various website you can set up a crowdfunding campaign on:

  • YouCaring
  • GoFundMe
  • Indiegogo
  • (And More)

Keep in mind crowdfunding is nothing to be ashamed of. It helps to ease your family’s burden, as well as provide close family and friends an opportunity to show their love and support. If you do not feel comfortable asking for money donations for the funeral, it is perfectly fine to request funeral flower donations instead.

If your loved one is a military veteran, keep in mind they may be eligible for governmental benefits or a small funeral allowance. It just depends on whether your loved one was killed while in the service, or if the death was non-service related. For further questions about these benefits or burial allowances, please refer to

Flowers Traditions For Different Faiths

Boise Funeral FlowersWhen ordering funeral flowers for a friend or loved one, keep in mind funeral customs differ among various religions, or even nationalities. Most religious funerals will incorporate flowers into the funeral, however, some religions, such as Judaism, generally do not incorporate flowers into the ceremony.

Other Christian religions, such as those of the LDS faith, prefer to avoid the Cross on funeral arrangements. Those of the LDS faith prefer to focus on the resurrection of Christ, instead of his death. Before ordering flowers, be sure to double check the religious customs of the family before placing your order.

Types of Funeral Flowers

  • Casket flowers
  • Standing sprays on easel
  • Funeral bouquets
  • Custom arrangements

Johnson Floral & Decor offers a wide variety of unique flower arrangements for funerals or cemetery gravesites. View our selection of funeral flowers on our website here, and place your order today!

Custom Funeral Flowers & Personal Memorabilia

If you already have something specific in mind for the flower arrangements, let our florist assist in the creation process. We specialize in custom funeral flowers in Boise. Just send us a photo of an arrangement you like, let us know what flowers or color schemes you prefer, and we’ll coordinate the rest! We can even create custom floral pieces unique to your loved one, with personal memorabilia incorporated into the arrangement.

As one of the oldest florists in Boise, Johnson Floral & Decor offers some of the most innovative and customized flower arrangements in the area. We deliver funeral flower arrangements that are both beautiful and meaningful to the individual’s life.

Whether it be standing spray in the shape of a heart or a cross, a patriotic flower arrangement for your veteran, a standing spray with personal memorabilia, or an elegant arrangement designed with your loved one’s favorite flower, our Boise florist can do it all.

Flowers and plants have a special healing effect on an individual, and we want to add our special touch in each design. Contact our florist today to help with the special design of your family’s custom funeral flowers!

Flower Delivery Options

At the funeral you will want everything to go smoothly and go according to plan. Having a reliable florist in Boise will do the trick. Nothing is more stressful than having a florist show up late, have an important order missing, or accidentally have sent the flowers to the wrong location. Johnson Floral & Decor wants this day to be perfect for you.

Order through our Boise florist, and count on us to get your orders right and on time! For a small fee, our florist can deliver directly to your location. If you are buying funeral flowers as a donation to the family, Johnson Floral & Decor can also include your customized sympathy note with the flowers.

Keep or Donate Flowers After the Funeral

Boise Funeral FlowersOnce the funeral services and procession concludes, cleanup begins. With the leftover funeral flower arrangements, you will need to plan ahead what you’d like to do with the remaining flower arrangements. Some prefer to send them home with the family members, while others may opt to repurpose and donate the flowers to a care home or a veterans memorial.

If you are not sure what you’d like to do with the flowers after the funeral, our Boise florist can provide a few recommendations. Just give us a call at (208) 342-5687, and a we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about your order or funeral flowers in general. We wish you our most sincere condolences during this difficult time.

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