Boise Wedding Flowers

Your Guide to Wedding Flowers in Boise

By: Karli Willden

Decorative & Symbolic Purposes

Wedding flowers have been incorporated into wedding celebrations for centuries. Used for decorative and symbolic purposes, flowers have a language of its own, which have often been used for individual expression. Flowers have the ability to cultivate the perfect wedding atmosphere, which any bride or groom would dream of creating.

If stunning and enchanting are words you want others to describe your wedding as, then don’t skimp on the wedding flowers! Here is your guide to buying wedding flowers in Boise from your local florist!

Wedding Flowers for Dummies

If you have never before planned a wedding, preparing the flower order may seem daunting. Buying flowers for a wedding doesn’t need to be overly complicated though. It only requires knowing what your budget is, estimating how many flower arrangements and bouquets you will need, and knowing what kind of flowers and colors you want for the wedding. If you are aren’t sure about what flowers you will need for the upcoming wedding, below is a simple checklist you can follow to be sure you don’t miss a thing!

  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Boutonnieres
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • Centerpieces/Decorations
  • Flower Girl Petals

Bridal Flower Arrangement

Boise Wedding Flowers

A bride without flowers is like a wedding without a cake. The bride’s flower bouquet will be one of the most iconic pieces of the wedding; everyone will be checking it out. You will want to make sure the florist gets it perfect and on time. Nothing is worse than a florist who can’t deliver on time, or get your order right, especially for a wedding!

Johnson Floral and Decor has a large selection of bridal bouquets, with many different types of flowers, colors, and fillers. Brides also have the option to customize their wedding bridal bouquets, so the florist can make it exactly how they want. If you are looking for a few ideas for what your bridal bouquet could look like, start here!

Bridesmaid Flowers

Wedding Flowers Boise

It has long been a tradition for the bridesmaids to carry a small bouquet of flowers on the wedding day. Bridesmaid flowers not only look great for pictures, but are a nice way for you to thank them for their friendship and all their help with the wedding. Johnson Floral & Decor offers a variety of bridesmaid flowers, ranging from elaborate to simple. If you have a lot of bridesmaids, you may want to keep the bridesmaid flowers simple to keep costs down. If you only have a few bridesmaids, then you can spend a little more on the bridesmaid flowers.

With weddings, it is up to you to decide where you want to splurge on flowers. Maybe instead of spending more on bridesmaid flowers, you may want to spend more on the centerpieces or the bridal bouquet; it just depends on your personal preference. If you are looking for some ideas for bridesmaid flowers, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for bridesmaid flowers.

Groom & Groomsmen Boutonnieres

Boise Wedding Flowers


While a lot of emphasis is placed on the bride and her bridesmaids during the wedding, it’s important to share the love with the groom and the groomsmen. After all, the wedding is a celebration of the couple together with their friends and family. With normal wedding tradition, the groom and groomsmen are typically provided with boutonnieres.

Each of these boutonnieres are pinned on their suit coats for the wedding, and are to be worn through the duration of the wedding. If you would like to customize your boutonnieres for the grooms and groomsmen, our Boise florist can assist you with any of your requests.

Flower Girls

Wedding Flowers Boise

What is a wedding without a flower girl? Symbolizing the journey of the bride from childhood to womanhood, nothing is cuter than a little flower girl walking in front of the bride with a basket of flower petals.

If you haven’t decided whether you have one or many flower girls, you likely still have time to decide. Just give our florist in Boise a call early to put your order in for the flowers.

Centerpieces & Flower Decor

Boise Wedding FlowersLast, but not least, don’t forget the centerpieces for your guest tables at the wedding. Wedding details such as these, will help you accomplish the overall look and feel you want at your wedding. At our Boise florist we offer large or small centerpieces, which are tailored to the needs of our clients.

If you are interested in a completely original, centerpiece design, contact our Boise florist company. Let us design the perfect centerpieces for your guest tables!

Tips on Placing Your Order

  • Place your order early
  • Order in-season flowers
  • Coordinate the color scheme and flower types
  • Specify delivery options

Keep in mind different varieties of flowers grow in different seasons, so if you are getting married in the winter, spring, summer, or the fall, your flower selection may vary. Requesting out-of-season flowers for your arrangements and bouquets may be more costly, so don’t be surprised. Choose flowers in season when possible, and be sure to budget accordingly for flowers at your wedding. Lastly, don’t forget to specify the delivery options for your wedding flowers. If you need any help or assistance placing your order online, feel free to give us a call today at (208) 342-5687.

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